Tuesday, Sep 27 2022


Meet our clients...

It is our pleasure to have MINT LAMA among our customers. It has already been more than two years that we have been able to collaborate with them and we are proud to say that they were the first to use prando business fully. Thanks to their collaboration we have been able to optimize the prando business application and expand it so that it has become an increasingly complete tool, aimed at supplying all the organizational needs of a company. But let's give them the floor.

MINT LAMA, your company is located in Switzerland, specifically in Zurich. Give us some information about yourselves. Who are you and what do you deal with specifically?
We are manufacturers of sporting goods mainly in the aquatic sector, but also in the fitness sector. We produce for example Stand up Paddle, Snorkeling masks, Drybags etc. We sell our items to both private customers and major retailers such as Digitec Galaxus, Ochsner Sport, Manor, Jelmoli, Decathlon and others.

What difficulties or issues were you facing in your enterprise? 
Our growth was sudden and exponential. Therefore, with the human resources available, we could optimize our operational processes only to a limited extent. The focus was clearly on our product development and sales.

How did the prando business application help you solve them?
Now, instead of using excel and word lists, we find everything in one system. We can immediately see if  we got an order, and we can directly view and adjust it. We can also check if there is merchandise in stock. Thanks to prando business, we have a complete view of all our products and sales.

What improvements have you seen thanks to prando business?
Thanks to prando business, our sales, invoicing and inventory processes have been greatly optimized. We can now add an order or invoice manually with just a few clicks. In addition, we are able to control inventory and purchase quantities more easily.

What areas do you plan to expand through collaboration with prando?
We currently use an alternative program for accounting. It works well, but linking automated accounting processes to our company systems would make everything more efficient. We are happy that prando is already offering this solution for countries in the European Union, and we look forward to its availability for Switzerland as well.

Why would you recommend other small and medium-sized enterprises to use prando business?
We have been using prando business for more than two years. In addition to accelerating and optimizing our company's processes through the application, the prando cloud solutions team expanded and modified this application to meet the specific needs of our company. 
We needed specific connections with Galaxus and our shipping company. With this expansion, we can handle large orders even better and track shipments more effectively. We are currently setting up a new online shop. Our management of product orders will be very easy due to the connection and synchronization of the shop with the prando business system.
In addition, prando guarantees quick, professional and at the same time personal support and advice.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use application designed to facilitate your company's organizational processes and adaptable to your specific needs, then we recommend prando business.


prando buisness turns 3!

Thanks to all our customers and those who believed in us.

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