Tuesday, Sep 14 2021

prando applications - Update business

New functions

Articles > Visualization
  • New tab to show orders containing the article. (#279)
  • New tab to show article stock movements. (#277)

Sales > Orders
  • New tab to show the pending amount of open orders. (#278) 

  • Contact statistics show current and past turnover. (#269)

Fixed errors

Reporting > Sales
  • Orders are shown correctly without duplicates. Calculation of total sales appears correctly. (#284)

  • Problem of caching the item no longer appears when changing quantities in the warehouses. (#282)

  • Article price change happens on the first attempt. (#281)


prando applications - Update business

Monday, August 23 update: New features and bug fixes.

prando applications - Update business

Monday, September 27 update: Better performance, new features and bug fixes.